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Inquiry Project


About the Inquiry Project

This video was developed to support practitioner researcher in schools. The complete DVD also contained a series of case studies but here the focus is presenting different practitioners views of education inquiry and also providing an overview of the process.

This video was funded by the Networked Learning Communities Programme, and a shortened version of the DVD was released by them titled Getting Started with Networked Collaborative Enquiry. In this DVD we used animated characters for the first time in order to include more provocative and critical perspectives on the worth or value of practitioner inquiry. These animated characters were based on real individuals whose views were captured in a series of focus groups and then scripted by a professional writer.

What is Inquiry?

A group of teachers and experts discuss what inquiry means to them. A useful way of introducing people to the idea of inquiry and its role in professional development and improving practice.

The Inquiry Process

There are numerous models that set out the process of inquiry here teachers discuss four key stages, getting started – selecting a focus designing and making your first your intervention, keeping an eye on change – managing the process of change and evaluating its impacts, reflection – thinking through what you have achieved to-date and how it will affect what you do next.

Animated Dissent

As part of making this DVD we experimented with the use of animation. We did this primarily to put in some critical and oppositional voices into the DVD, as the teachers we were working with tended to be enthusiasts. We invented a range of characters who had very different views about action research and inquiry. Their views were based on a series of focus groups we did with professionals and policy makers.


Title Screen of What is Inquiry? Search DVD

The title screen of the 'What is Inquiry?' DVD

Title Screen of What is Inquiry? Search DVD

The library menu screen of the 'What is Inquiry?' DVD

Title Screen of What is Inquiry? Search DVD

The case studies menu screen of the 'What is Inquiry?' DVD

Contact Information

For information about this project please email Kaye Haw