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Family Viewing Project


About Family Viewing

Family Viewing is a video project where different families have used video in different ways to talk about aspects of their lives. All of the families are from different ethnic minorities within their own countries. Our work for this project features Afro-Caribbean and Asian families in Britain. The project set out to create materials from the perspective of young people and their families to document their experiences and outlook on the wider society they live in, including challenging and dealing with racism.

Different generations in each family illustrate how each has come to terms with these issues and how their approaches have changed over time. The full DVD resource was made up of three separate films, each film shot in a different way, reflecting how the filmmakers approached the task of capturing their families views on video and also the way in which they hope it will be used to help young people to better understand the multi-cultural Europe we all live in. Here you can watch our contributions - 'Family Viewing' and 'The Samra Family'.

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